Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WET N WILD Creme Eyeliner - REVIEW

I purchased the wet n wild creme eyeliner in BLACK and EGGPLANT at Rite-Aid about a year ago. I have used the product pretty frequently, and they have not dried out, and are just as good as when I first used it. I bought a similar product at coastal scents for nearly twice the price of this, I used it once, and went to use it a month later and it was all dried out! :(
This was $3.99 and is an absolute steal! It has a very smooth application - I DO NOT like the brush that it comes with as it is too thick to get a nice line with. I recommend using your own liner brush, if you have one. The pigmentation is amazing, it's waterproof, and once it dries it does NOT budge. You can blend it out if you do it as soon as you apply it. I've heard some complaint about removal, but I use my own oil based remover, and have no problem at all :)
If you're looking for a more budget friendly alternative to MAC fluidline, Try this! I will be repurchasing! I just wish they had more colors!


  1. I love this liner! Unfortunately mine dried out after about a year. But the price makes replacing in no problem at all. I love using the little brush it came with to fill in my brows! I agree, it's crap for lining, but it works well for brows! :D

  2. You know, I never thought about using it for my brows! Great tip!! Thanks for sharing!! :)