Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brush Guard - REVIEW

I received a package From The Brush Guard Company months ago, and really wanted to use it a few times, to really "use" the products. I've used them so many times, and they are still in perfect condition- and so are my brushes!

I got the assorted package that comes with
1 Shadow/liner (ex small)
2 Blush (small)
2 Foundation (medium)
1 Powder/kabuki (large)

You can check it out HERE

Here is the information that comes with your set -It gives you the basic do's an don'ts for the proper use of the product, and shows you the sizes of the brush guards.

Here's a large and a small guard so you can see the size difference.

This is the Medium Size on one of my face brushes - see how the brush guard forms to the shape of the brush? LOVE this - it shapes your bristles while they dry!

I like using a brush guard even on brushes that don't really need to be shaped - like this flat brush - I just choose a size a little to big so it isn't snug against the brush, but just tight enough to keep it in place. This way I can dry it upside down to ensure no moisture gets down into the ferrule. If moisture gets into your ferrule it will begin breaking down the glue, and your bristles will begin to fall out. - Using HOT water while cleaning your brushes will do the same thing. Using cool water and a gentle cleanser is ideal.

Here you can see that I can dry my brushes completely upside down to ensure that no moisture is going to get down into the ferrule. Since the brush guards are so long, you can pull them well down past the bristles so they don't get squished either. LOVE this product!

There are other sets available as well if you need different quantities or sizes Check them out!
The ship to EVERY country and for $5.50 they're well worth the investment!

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