Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makeup Bags

A few months ago I was checking out etsy for makeup bags, and I found an awesome seller, but never got around to making a purchase. I was recently looking again, and came across another awesome seller. After looking through her store I realized that it was the same seller that I had loved so much from my 1st search! I decided I just HAD to buy some lol. 13 actually! They should be on their way soon, so I will make another post when they get here, and there might be a giveaway in store!! :) - What I DO know for sure is that some will be given away as contest prizes filled with goodies for THIS ANTI-VALENTINES DAY CONTEST!!

If you're impatient like me and want one NOW, then please head to her shop HERE
There's still a pretty nice variety, even though I bought up a bunch lol. I just LOVE her designs! They're bright and fun, and cheer me up just looking at them!! :) The BEST part is that they're so affordable that I can purchase a bunch, and not feel guilty!! They range in price from $2 - $5!!! Most of them are $3 and shipping is cheap too! ($2)!! Please check her out, and if you do make a purchase let her know that I sent you! :) Here are some examples of the bags that are available now! Like I said I bought up a bunch and they seem to sell quick! If you see a design that you like buy it now, as it may not be there tomorrow! Also check back often for new designs! :)

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