Monday, January 3, 2011

Purple Blue and Golden Yellow Eyeshadow

The look that I chose today was created entirely with Spectrum Cosmetics Makeup. I used Flicker ( iridescent yellow gold), Iris ( iridescent purple) Lenore ( Royal Purple) and Ferric ( matte Blue). If you would like any of these color check out the shop here:

If you want to see the steps I took to create this look - Keep reading!

Step1. Apply Flicker to the inner tear duct area

Step2. Apply Iris next to Flicker in the center of the eyelid

Step3. Apply Lenore to the outer V and Blend.

You could stop here and just have a purple look or you could continue with the next step

Step4. Apply Ferric to the outer corner, and blend it up and in towards the center of your lid.

Step 6. Blend out the top of Ferric below your brow with some of the Flicker Step 7. Line your eyes with your choice of Black Eyeliner, Apply Mascara, and You're done :)

I hope you all like this! If you have any requests, please let me know!! :)

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