Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ed Hardy Curl Up And Dye Mascara Review

Recently I bought a few Ed Hardy Items. I got 4 mascaras, a nail polish, and the matte top coat.

I have only tried one item so far. I LOVE the name of the Curl up and Dye mascara!! BUT I HATE it! I wonder if that's where the came up with the name, because it's so terrible that's what it makes me want to do! :( It is the worst mascara that I have EVER used. I have fairly nice long lashes, and believe it or not this is the first product that actually made them look worse! The formulation is pretty thin, but clumps and makes a big gloppy mess. I WILL NOT be purchasing this product again. Hell I would even feel bad giving away such a crappy product! I give this a 1 / 5 Stars only because I like the Name, and it has nice packaging.

I hope the other products are better!

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