Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Life According to Google

I though I would take a break from the Makeup posts for a day, and do a totally random and fun Post that another awesome blogger did! Here's her link if you want to go check her answers out!

What you do is substitute your first name ( where it says "name" into the google search, and post the first result! - No cheating!!

Ok - Here goes!!

1. "Name" Needs - Erica needs to be in a much better place

2. "Name" Looks like - Erica looks like a lion

3. "Name" Hates - Erica hates GLOWs profile on myspace

4. "Name" Goes - Erica goes MISSING - ( I hope not!)

5. "Name" Loves - Erica loves PPQ's Profile on myspace - ( What's with the myspace answers?)

6. "Name" Eats - Erica eats cookies, and others you may know - (What others??!! lol)

7. "Name" Has- Erica has been a key player

8. "Name" Works -Erica works on a plan to destroy Anna's Newly created soldiers

9. "Name" Lives - Erica Lives in Washington D.C. - ( I totally do not lol)

10. "Name" Died- Erica died after her aunt took her for a secret abortion :(

11."Name" Does- Erica Does Makeup has 219 friends - ( I would so be one of them!!)

12. "Name" Will - Erica Will is on facebook

13. "Name" Is - Erica is pursuing her dream to be a gazillionaire both on earth and in heaven

If you try this please send me a link and let me know, so I can go check out your answers! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Erica,

    Man I love your answers, these things are a total crack up. And thank you for saying I'm awesome. You're pretty awesome too!